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We offer a full range of systems from home multimedia machines, workstations, laptops through to Network Server Systems for businesses. [more]

Network Servers
We are qualified to supply and install a full range of servers from specifically built clone machines to a full range of servers from Intel or Compaq. [more]

Anti-virus & Firewall
Anti-virus is a must for all computers regardless of situation. Even a computer not connected to a network or the Internet can get infected if an infected disc is placed into the computer unbeknown to the user. [more]

Many corporate businesses increasingly find that they have a requirement to share information and data between offices in separate locations. [more]

Printer Repairs
We are printer repair specialists. With many years experience. We cover all printer makes and models. HP, Canon, Epson, OKI, Xerox and many others. [more]

Audio & Media
Kaymark Computers now stocks a wide range of Hi-Fi separates,DVD players, amplifiers, speakers, CD Players, Tuners, MP3 players, DVD Recorders, Plasma Screens, LCD TV’s, CRT TV’s and projection systems from all of the leading manufacturers. [more]

Financial Services
Lack of investment in IT systems - could leave your business in a position where it cannot compete effectively in the marketplace. Key to this decision is not just what to invest in, but how to finance the investment. Supported by HP we provide a broad spectrum of financial services. [more]
I.T. Facilities Management is contract network support. It is providing response time services to corporate I.T. systems, with weekly onsite support for your network, computer & software related problems. [more]

Most computer users will at some point experience problems with PC's, Servers, Network Faults, Monitors and Printers that require expert assistance. [more]

Let us build and install your P.C. of choice. If you need advice tell us your business application and let us specify and provide the right P.C. build for your business or home. [more]

We provide a comprehensive Technical Support service designed to get all your components and computer systems operating efficiently together as an integrated package. [more]

Even small companies face decisions every day involving web technology; telecommunications; network issues; security.

Kaymark can help reduce those risks by providing a consultancy service to enable you to achieve maximum return on your IT investment.

Depending upon your requirements there are several options that Kaymark can offer. [more]
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