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KAYMARK are a member of the chambers of comerce .
Peace of Mind and Choice

KAYMARK are qualified to supply and install a full range of servers from specifically built clone machines to a full range of servers from many manufacturers.

Harness the Power of your Computers

KAYMARK provide full system specification and preparation for Networks, from Sole Traders and Small Businesses up to Corporate & Enterprise businesses. We will advise and install cable networked systems including hardware build and cabling installations.

Even the smallest of users and businesses are realising the benefits of networked systems. The freedom of shared information between two or more computers and therefore users, opens new avenues in efficiency and availability of resources in businesses.

Network Servers
Data and files are no longer tied to the machine of origin. Where as previously data transfer between computers was limited by the transfer medium capacities and speed, i.e. floppy disk, tape back up etc.

Networking allows immediate access and/or transfer of files from other computers on the same network. In every day use the benefits are immense and enable you to harness the power of all your networked computers to provide a computer system that works for your business as well as for the individual  user. Additional networked server systems provide even more practical flexibility and computing power, allowing server based applications to run on all workstation networked machines.
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