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KAYMARK are a member of the chambers of comerce .

From single user P.C.'s to Enterprise Network's.

Let us build and install your P.C. of choice. If you need advice tell us your business application and let us specify and provide the right P.C. build for your business or home.

Physical Network installations range from simple token ring networks to multi level star hub setups servicing 100 or more terminals. Whatever the requirement KAYMARK can deliver. With years of experience of network installations in the field our engineers have the skills to fulfil the requirement using the most appropriate hardware and software at competitive prices.
We also specialise in business start-ups. Let us determine your initial network requirement, specify and build you a first class network to give your new business that competitive edge.

Experience Counts

  • New Users
  • Upgrading your PC
  • We only use quality components
  • Years of experience in PC build and support.
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