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Introduction to Financial Services

Capital investment decisions are critical to the financial viability of all organisations . Whether you are a sole trader, Government body or an international conglomerate, the principles are still the same: a poor investment - or no investment at all - could leave your business in a position where it cannot compete effectively in the marketplace. Key to this decision is not just what to invest in, but how to finance the investment.

Even for cash rich companies, leasing and finance options provide a wide range of business benefits - from taxation savings and budgetary control to maintaining existing lines of credit or working capital. Our knowledge from writing over 20,000 finance agreements has given us a clear understanding of what you - the customer - requires from a leasing and finance company. With your feedback, we have been able to develop our customer service charter.

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Cash V's Finance

Cash Finance
You will need an IT budget
If you're thinking of paying cash for an IT solution, you'll either need access to an existing IT budget or you'll need to create one.
No IT budget required
With finance, you can determine your IT spend by making comparisons: first, by looking at the anticipated cost benefits; and then by comparing monthly or quarterly expenditure with other business costs, such as staff or services.
The solution comes second
With cash, solutions often need to be broken down into smaller elements, based around availability of budget.
The solution comes first
HPFS can provide finance that allows the entire solution to be acquired in one go.
ROI takes years
Obviously it depends on the cost of your solution, but with a cash purchase it takes much longer before the cost benefits overtakes the expenditure.
ROI takes months
We spread your payments over the agreement period, so cost benefits can be aligned with expenditure.
Impact on the Balance Sheet
With a cash purchase, your IT solution is considered to be an Asset, and must appear on the business Balance Sheet, which may affect business liquidity ratios.
No impact on the Balance Sheet
Our finance solutions may not affect the Balance Sheet and are tax deductible.
Damages cashflow
Cash is the life blood of any business and needs to be conserved to ensure existing financial obligations can be met.
Protects cashflow
With finance, payments are smaller and more digestible. Also, because the payment never fluctuates, it means that cash flow is much easier to manage.
We all know the speed at which technology is introduced, improved then phased out. Yet cash purchased IT solutions can sometimes wait until the financial year end for sign-off.
If you can demonstrate the ROI of the solution, we can show you how to offset the expenditure against it. If ROI is maintained, then our figures can help close the deal.

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