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Anti-virus is a must for all computers regardless of situation. Even a computer not connected to a network or the Internet can get infected if an infected disc is placed into the computer unbeknown to the user. At KAYMARK as partners of the market leading anti-virus software 'Panda', we supply, install and configure comprehensive anti-virus to protect both terminals and servers.
As well as anti-virus any network or terminal that has access to the Internet needs software or a hardware firewall. There are simply too many risks involved from hackers and malicious worm viruses for a modern office not to have firewall protection for their I.T. system.
With as much experience in Firewall and anti-virus systems as we have in Facilities Management and Installations our engineers will specify, install and configure, a comprehensive and secure VPN and Firewall solution for your business.

Panda Anti-Virus
anti virus pandaThis award-winning product can be scaled to all needs, from the largest corporate WANs to the most basic LANs. Panda Anti-virus Platinum for Desktops forms the cornerstone of any enterprise-wide security policy, providing administrators with key security status information and a global perspective of network anti-virus protection.

WatchGuard Firebox
watchguard firewallWhether you manage a large or small enterprise, WatchGuard® solutions cover your perimeter security needs. Both WatchGuard Firebox® System and Firebox® Vclass are easy to install and can be securely managed from a central location anywhere on the Internet. Choose the perimeter security solution that most benefits your business.

Anti Virus

  • All PC's need to be secure, even if they are not connected to the internet.
  • Panda checks for trojans and hackers backdoors as well as viruses.
  • Includes daily updates.
  • Cleans all known viruses.


  • Protects your network from univited guests.
  • Allows you to communicate with other offices securely.
  • Essential for ADSL Broadband use.
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