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I.T. Facilities Management.

What is F.M.?

I.T. Facilities Management is contract network support. It is providing response time services to corporate I.T. systems, with weekly onsite support for your network, computer & software related problems.

Our package provides the corporate or enterprise user with either a contracted I.T. department or an assistant to your existing I.T. department. Guaranteeing weekly, fortnightly or quarterly onsite visits to ensure continuity of the smooth running of your I.T. systems.

In English you are buying uptime. A weekly visit by our trained and experienced engineers can make the difference between a network that runs smoothly and is fault tolerant and one that, through a lack of any proactive housekeeping, costs your business time and money in problems that build up over time and unattended eventually render your systems inoperable or running inefficiently.

The general housekeeping chores that we can undertake for you on your F.M. days range from protecting your systems & maintaining updates to trouble shooting & planning future upgrades.

Our engineers are very experienced and qualified (MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), Compaq APS, Novell CNA) they are used to dealing with a wide variety of clients, systems and problems. No engineer has less than 7 years practical experience in the field, carrying outI.T. Facilities Management and network installations.

You can use your F.M. time for whatever you want. One week you may require a network security review or software upgrades, the next you may require advice for your workforce in using your systems or need a new P.C. to be configured and installed.

Part of the attraction of I.T. Facilities Management is that it is flexible and regular systems support.

Key Benefits of F.M.

  • Anti-virus updates
  • Checking backup operation
  • Creation of disaster recovery procedures
  • Identifying potential security loopholes
  • Microsoft updates for servers & terminals
  • Informed discussions on improvements to I.T. systems & advice.
  • Troubleshooting
  • User training
  • Server configuration
  • Network upgrades

Supported Systems

  • Windows 98,NT,2000,ME,XP
  • Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Novell Groupwise
  • Novell Netware
  • ACT 6.0 Contact Management
  • Sage Accounts Sofware
  • Sage CRM
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