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Virtual Private Networks

Many corporate businesses increasingly find that they have a requirement to share information and data between offices in separate locations. Or they wish to allow remote users with laptop computers to access the office network from home or when on site with clients.

A secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows offices and remote users to have access to shared data and resources in near real time. A central administrator can determine user and remote office access privileges and keep sensitive data outside of the VPN as required. Remote users can log on to your H. O. network as if they were there with you. Thus saving time streamlining your work patterns and allowing you to do away with the replication of data at remote sites and with this end the problems of synchronizing data between offices.
A VPN is a secure network which requires a Firewall but even local networks need protection. As well as anti-virus any network or terminal that has access to the Internet needs software or a hardware firewall. There are simply too many risks involved from hackers and malicious worm viruses for a modern office not to have firewall protection for their I.T. system.

Key Benefits of VPN

  • Securely connect your remote users to your office network.
  • Share data and legacy systems between office locations.
  • Work on remote data as if it's on your own network.

Suitable For

  • Windows 98,NT,2000,ME,XP
  • Laptop users.
  • Single PC's to large networks.
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