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Not many years ago the term ‘IT’ it referred to the PC in the corner of the office. Now even small companies are facing decisions involving web technology; telecommunications; network issues; security … the list goes on and gets bigger by the day.

It is an exciting time, but also one involving risks, and the stakes are your investment.

Kaymark can help reduce those risks by providing a consultancy service to enable you to achieve maximum return on your IT investment.

Depending upon your requirements there are several options that Kaymark can offer:-

  1. The Audit

    Lets you know precisely where you are

    it audit Kaymark will analyse your current IT provisions, both hardware and software and assess whether you are getting full value from your systems. A full written report will be provided and will include a full assessment of the systems you have in place and how they are being used within your organisation.

    The Audit will identify any areas where you are not getting maximum return on your investment and help to ensure that your IT systems are earning their keep.

    You may discover that significant improvements in efficiency can be achieved with little or no capital investment.

  2. The Roadmap

    You tell us where you want to go with your IT, and we will show you how to get there.

    One step up from the Audit, the roadmap will detail how to achieve any expansion or improvements to your IT infrastructure. You will be provided with a comprehensive, phased, plan of action. You will then be able to implement the plan in accordance with your business activities and budgets. The roadmap will always be devised with due respect for your obligations to your customers and clients, avoiding, as far as is possible, any disruption to your IT services.

  3. Full Project Management

    The full service.

    it consultancyImplementing changes to any aspect of IT, whether it be updating existing applications or installation of a whole new network, can be traumatic and time consuming. Frequently several suppliers are involved and if problems occur along the way these can quickly escalate and threaten the success of the project.

    Kaymark can shoulder this burden for you. Kaymark will liaise with suppliers, oversee installations, ensure deadlines are met and ease the journey for you. Your Kaymark Consultant will provide you with regular formal reports on progress and in addition will be available to provide a point of contact for any ad hoc enquiries or problems that may occur along the way.

Kaymark Service

  • Quality components.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Reliability.
  • All components covered by warranty.
  • Years of practical experience.
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  • Bespoke service.
  • Qualified engineers.
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