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KAYMARK are a member of the chambers of comerce .


Competitive pricing . We aim to offer at all times competitive rates.

Simple, ethical and easy to use finance agreements . All our agreements operate to guidelines set down by the Finance and Leasing Association.

Acceptance of credit . We operate with a range of finance companies, our objective being to ensure that we can gain your company a credit facility.

Quick and efficient response to your questions.

Product and services . We offer flexible agreements from one to five years, repayments being made monthly, quarterly or termly. There are various agreements including lease rental, lease purchase and operating leases to suite your business requirements.

Quality of service . Listening and understanding to your personal requirements whether it is dealing with confidential information or regarding the payment to your vendor.

Consistency and quality of on going service. Many customers are not just interested in the immediate agreement they are discussing, but the ongoing support with reference to obtaining paperwork, upgrade figures or assistance with vendors.

Customer confidentiality . We respect your need for confidentiality when handling potentially sensitive information.
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